Who Are We?

Two women from different sides of the world meet in an unfamiliar place - Korea. Finding a common interest in the intricacies in the Korean fashion scene, the two become fast friends and decided to embark on a different kind of journey. Just as they had, they decided to make an online magazine to bring the world a little closer together and give readers a new perspective on the other side.

지구 반대편에서 한국으로 온 패션에 관심이 많은 두 여자가 한국의 패션에 관심을 갖게 되었습니다. 이 두 여자는 방문자들이 패션,뷰티,라이프스타일을 새로운 관점에서 바라볼 수 있도록 온라인 매거진 디스퍼스를 만들었습니다.


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